The Ravenous Siege Hardcover


ISBN: 978-1-944470-03-6

Get the 2nd book in the Epic of Haven trilogy!



The quest of Calarmindon Bright Fame continues in this second installment of the Epic of Haven Trilogy. The city of Haven is brought to its knees by the loss of the great, burning tree, and it cannot withstand the siege and assault of the Raven Queen. Her armies have set out to conquer the fearful citizens and soldiers, bringing with their desecration an un-light that mocks the forgotten power of the THREE who is SEVEN.

A small, faithful remnant of hopeful citizens attempts to survive the attack, fleeing upon paths paved with both sacrifice and mercy. Their treacherous journeys are filled with fear and wonder as they seek to endure and to hope for deliverance. Some of them remember a young groomsman who spoke of refuge in the north, so they set out to find sanctuary among whoever might be still free from the grip of un-lit evil.

Cal finds his path upon the Western Wreath illuminated by the hope of his calling and yet obscured by the shadows of his mistakes along the way. A mysterious woman meets him in the forest, bringing both answers to his questions and confusion for his heart. Despite the dubious nature of their initial encounter, Cal determines that her story is somehow intertwined with his own. An alliance forms between them, and the exiled travelers follow a series of clues as they continue to seek the light of the ancient prophecy.

Allegiances are broken, formed, tested, and reborn as the citizens of Aiénor adjust to life in the darkness. The tensions of terror seek to destroy every trace of beauty and freedom … but the faint, violet light of hope still illuminates a truth that cannot be fully eclipsed: dawn is coming.


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