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This study guide gives you some background on the process of writing The Great Darkening and explores the Biblical perspective on a few of the themes weaved throughout the storyline. I loved the connections made from the themes of The Great Darkening to scripture. The questions at the end of each section led to good discussion amongst my study group. A note for those considering the study: read all The Great Darkening in its entirety prior to beginning the study (to get the most possible from the study). Since the themes discussed in the study guide are explored throughout the entire novel, the guide does not coordinate with specific chapters of the book, but moves throughout the story. However, if you have not read the entire novel do not let that discourage you either! There might be a slight spoiler here and there, but the Biblical content is solid without prior knowledge of the novel and you can complete the study while reading The Great Darkening with the omission of some of the questions about the story at the end of each session (pending where you are at in reading) and still gain a lot from the study. – EJ255

An awesome look into the story behind the story and the struggles of completing a passion project! I really enjoyed reading through this study guide because I feel like it gives interesting insight to some of the intricacies of the book, The Great Darkening. I also found the spiritual connections detailed throughout the study guide and the questions it asked to be very engaging and insightful. Personally, I read this without a study group and still found it very useful and compelling as a companion piece to the book. The openness of the writer was very refreshing and not something that you often find in writers of this genre. All in all, I loved it. I think its a must read for anyone who has read and enjoyed The Great Darkening as it adds so much to the book and rekindles what was so great about it just as the new book is coming out! Buy it. You won’t regret it. – SR

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