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Bobby Triplett

Bobby, as his friends call him, is an artist at heart. He is a professional musician and private chef – not to mention a husband, daddy of two, and self-proclaimed nerd. Over the last decade he has had the privilege and responsibility of sharing his heart and his inspirations with thousands, and this story is an expression of his rather epic view of the world.

“I walked into the gravity of this story much the same way one walks outdoors into the bright sunlight of the afternoon sky. The enormity of its shine was, and is, a little overwhelming… but I have taken great comfort in knowing that my task has never been to make the sun shine. Rather, I have been given the charge and the privilege of merely describing how the world looks from my squinty-eyed perspective.

Thank you for choosing to walk with me on this path. Thank you for daring to hike along the unfamiliar trails with me, in the light of the full sun. I pray that this will be a bright journey for your heart as much as it has been one for mine.”

– Bobby

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