Kickstarter Campaign is Beginning!

Join our community of Lost Poets and help us publish the first installment of this epic allegory.

is-coming We have been blessed with some amazing dreamers and artists who have dedicated themselves to the telling of this story. Because of their elite talents and incredibly generous hearts, we have an opportunity to truly blaze a trail in the publishing world.

It is beautiful to think about how a story can inspire such collaboration, and that is exactly what has happened with the Lost Poet team who is bringing the Epic of Haven to life. Now we also invite YOU to be a part of this process and help us carry the fire that has been burning in our hearts all the way to print.

One reply on “Kickstarter Campaign is Beginning!

  • Jackie Countryman

    As a writer myself, I am so excited to be a part of this epic adventure. A FB friend sent this to me and I clicked “Like” so here I am.


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