A small glimpse into Evil

I have been hard at work writing book 2 ” The Ravenous Siege” and today I was able to finish chapter 20 (roughly the half way point).

The significance of this chapter to me, is where I get to introduce you to our “Bad Guy” as my three year old would call her.

Now I know i explained her a bit in the epilogue of book one, but here is a brief description… its not too much, nor is it edited… but it might whet your appetite and get you excited for book 2!

So… I hope that you enjoy this little nugget… and expect that there will be more to come.

“The Raven Queen stood to her feet to survey the carnage of her army’s conquest, though her back was turned towards the watching remnant in the root cellar, the very sight of her caused the hairs on the back of Keilys neck to prickle in cold fear.

 Her long braided hair was as black as the lightless sky, and it caught and reflected the siege fires in a luminous shimmer that glowed with sinister origins. She wore an iron bodice, inscribed with intricately chiseled runes of an unfamiliar speech, whose very embellishments seemed fluid, ever changing, ever moving and laced with dark magic.

 The very skin of her pale arms was covered in the deep inked-markings of the ancient sorcerers, and they were barely hidden by the cascading layers of raven feathers that crowned her armor, encircling her neck before falling down her shoulders.

 The white skin of her back was exposed; a long triangle of vulnerability that began at her shoulders and revealed a small pink imperfection of a scar just below her left shoulder blade.  Her gown was a deep Byzantium, much akin to the sickly hues of purple that colored the inky black scales of her two winged serpents, and she carried in her ornately ringed fingers, a long obsidian staff. ” (The Ravenous Siege| Book 2 Epic of Haven Trilogy)